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As early as, when I went to study in the United States, I went to Japan. In retrospect, I have been to Japan ten times in the past half century. Therefore, I have made many Japanese friends, not only scholars, writers, college students, but also many workers, farmers, fishermen and Japanese soldiers from China and others. Over the years, I have received countless Japanese friends in China. The private exchanges between our two countries have been continuous and growing.Beloved Prime Minister Zhou Enlai is one of the most important mud-digging people in the cause of Sino-Japanese friendship. During this visit to Japan, we went to Turtle Mountain Park in arashama, Kyoto, and participated in the "premier Zhou Enlai poetry Monument ". The poetry monument was made of hard Anshan stone in the eastern suburbs of Kyoto, engraved with the poem "rain in the mountains" written by Mr. Zhou in his youth. After we presented flowers and respect, we looked up at this huge stone tablet and silently sang this touching poem. We are really grateful to our Japanese friends for building this monument on this unforgettable mountain, so that friends from China and Japan can respect Mr. Zhou, this monument shows a chaotic pillar, a bit vague.More than 20 years of work", every time I think of it, I can't help but see Mr. Zhou's huge and firm figure and footprint in the history of Sino-Japanese relations. Over the past 20 years, with the long-term joint efforts of the two peoples, Sino-Japanese relations have continued to move forward despite repeated twists and turns, and have led to the establishment

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Although this visit to Japan has lasted for more than a month, the voice of Sino-Japanese friendship is still echoing from time to time in my ear. First of all, the master of truth is like a grand event of returning to China to "visit relatives. The exhibition was held in Yangzhou and Beijing. After returning to Beijing, I took part in this grand event. This made me very happy and excited. When talking about Sino-Japanese friendship and cultural exchanges, we can't help but recall our beloved Mr. Zhou's words, that is, "drink water without forgetting to dig a well ". The real monk is one of the most determined and important drilling personnel. With the belief of loyalty, he made him travel six times in his 12 years of hard work, arrived in Japan with blind eyes and completed his great cause. Princess, his Chinese and Japanese disciples laid a foundation for mutual understanding, mutual learning, and common creation and common improvement in literature, art, medicine, architecture, China and Japan. This excellent tradition of friendly and mutual assistance has spread to modern times. From the 19th to the early 20th century, China's aspiring young students went to Japan to study. Chinese literary and art stars, such as Lu Xun, Guo Moruo and many celebrities, study or live in Japan. They have a deep friendship with the Japanese people.

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Sino-Japanese Peace and Friendship Treaty. Unfortunately, this hope is lost. But in signed 1978 Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship in, our Deng Xiaoping deputy prime minister visited Japan; 1979, weeks women Deng Yingchao vice-chairman and visited Japan, all get Japanese opposition consistent grand welcome. The Japanese people are friendly to the leaders of China. The Chinese people not only rejoice and thank them from the bottom of their hearts, but also deeply understand them..



friendship between the Chinese and Japanese people has a long history of friendly exchanges and cultural exchang eshistory has mainstream, countercurrent, struggle and repetition. Shortly after the establishment At that time, : Japanese friends always hoped that Mr. Zhou could go to Japan to see cherry blossoms after the signing The in 2000. Of course, of diplomatic relations between China and Japan in 1972, Mr. Zhou once pointed out: "We and Japan are the history of 2000, half a century of opposition, and there are more than 20 years of work ." The short three sentences have made an excellent summary of the history of the entire Sino-Japanese relationship. Learn more...